Grafton Tennis Club Limited

Registered Number: 00127246

Grafton’s membership T&Cs, equality policy and complaints procedure can be found below.

Membership T&Cs

  1. The club shall be called the Grafton Tennis and Squash Club.
  2. The principal objects of the club shall be to play amateur tennis & squash rackets. It will support the laws of both games as laid down by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) & Squash Rackets Association (SRA). The Club may, in addition, promote and organise subsections for games of a similar nature, and may also promote social activities among its members. No member shall receive payment for his services as a member.
  3. The Club is the trading name of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited.
  4. The Grafton Tennis Club Limited will be run by no less than three and no more than seven Directors and a Company Secretary collectively known as the Directors.
  5. The Club Committee members shall consist of the Chairperson, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and Facilities Manager.
  6. a) The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Club Committee which shall meet at regular intervals, keep minutes of those meetings and shall consist of the Committee and any other senior members. A quorum shall consist of the Chairperson and four senior members. b) There shall be power to form a Ladies’ Committee
  7. The Club Committee shall elect its own Chairperson and shall have power to fill any casual vacancy occurring in their number between one General Meeting and another. They shall have power to appoint sub-Committees and to co-opt onto these Committees any members of the club who are willing to assist in the organisation of any efforts of a special character.
  8. Any Ladies’ Committee and any sub-Committee appointed in accordance with the Rule 7 shall carry out such duties as are from time to time delegated to them by the Club Committee. They shall appoint their own Chairperson and Secretary, keep minutes of their meetings and report their proceedings to the Club Committee which in turn will report to the Directors of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited.
  9. Nominations for any office of membership of the Executive or Ladies’ Committee shall be forwarded to the Membership Secretary in writing at least seven days clear before the Annual General Meeting, the consent of the nominee having first been obtained.
  10. The Club shall account to the Grafton Tennis Club Limited for all revenue earned, such revenue to be the property of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited who shall dispose of the same in accordance with their constitution as a Limited Company.
  11. The club is open to all and the membership shall be categorised as follows: a) Membership of the Club shall consist of Senior, Intermediate and Junior members, b) A member shall be a Senior Member if he/she is aged 18 years or over and has paid the Senior Membership subscription from time to time to such membership.c) A member shall be an Intermediate Member if he/she is aged 16 – 17 years to under 18 years and has paid the Intermediate membership subscription applicable from time to time to such membership.d) A member shall be a Junior Member if he/she is aged under 16 years and has paid the Junior membership subscription applicable from time to time to such membership.e) No member under the age of 16 shall be permitted on the Club premises during the Bar opening hours, unless his/her opponent shall be a Senior Member which Senior Member shall be responsible for his supervision throughout his/her time on the premises.f) A Junior Member shall not be permitted to book for Peak times.
  12. The membership year shall run for 12 months. Any member whose subscription is not paid within one calendar month is liable to forfeit the rights of membership. The Executive Committee may make such rules for the payments of subscriptions by instalments as from time to time may be required.
  13. Applications for membership must be made using the “Membership Form” and submitted to the Membership Secretary.
  14. The payment of the first subscription by a member shall be deemed to signify acquiescence in and submission to the rules and by-laws of the club for the time being in force.
  15. Any member wishing to terminate membership must send his/her request in writing to the Membership Secretary. Until such request is accepted and confirmed in writing by the Membership Secretary, he/she shall be considered as remaining a member. The Committee shall have the power to decide what compensation, if any, in the form of remission of subscription shall be granted.
  16. A member absent from the district for the whole of any year will not be liable for any annual subscription for that year provided he/she has given the Membership Secretary previous notice in writing of his/her intention to be so absent in which case his/her membership will lapse but he/she will be eligible for re election under Rule 15 without penalty. In the event of the then existing membership lists being full the member who has given notice in the aforesaid manner shall be entitled as of right to have his/her name inserted at the top of any waiting list and if more than one member making such application for re election after giving notice hereunder, they shall be eligible for admission to membership in the order in which they so re-applied.
  17. If, in the opinion of the Committee it is thought desirable in the interests of the Club that any member should be requested to resign, he or she shall cease to become a member on receiving a written communication to this effect from the Membership Secretary. The Committee shall have the power to decide what compensation (if any) in the shape of remission of subscription shall be granted.
  18. The Committee shall have power to engage and dismiss the Club servants make by-laws, impose fines, make arrangements for matches and tournaments open or otherwise and to appropriate for such purpose any or all of the courts and buildings as they think fit.
  19. On request of any ten senior members the Membership Secretary must call a Special General Meeting of the Club by giving seven days’ notice in writing, specifying the objects for which the meeting is called. A quorum shall consist of the Chairman (or Vice Chairman) and Committee members as well as nine senior members.
  20. Only a senior member shall have the right to vote at an Executive Committee Meeting, Special General Meeting, or Annual General Meeting but all members have the right to participate in the proceedings of and to make proposals. (Under the conditions of rule 39).
  21. Members shall be responsible for any damage done to the Club property either by themselves or their visitors, the amount of the damage to be determined by the Committee whose decision shall be final.
  22. No animals shall be allowed into the Clubhouse or into the Club bar – except guide dogs and member’s dogs.
  23. The Committee shall have the right to dispose of any unclaimed garments which have been left about in any of the changing rooms after having given due warning of their intention by posting a notice to the effect on the Notice Board.
  24. The Committee shall have the right to cancel or to restrict the admission of visitors at any time if they consider it in the interest of the Club to do so.
  25. Any Official or member of the Committee shall have the right to stop or prohibit play on any court if it considers that court to be unfit for use or if the players equipment, footwear or clothing is of a detrimental or offensive nature.
  26. No member or visitor may remove any property of any description belonging to the Club or a member from the Club premises without the permission of the Committee.
  27. The Club will normally be open 14 hours a day. The Club reserves the right to alter these times as may be necessary from time to time without notice.
  28. The Committee may authorise the admission to the Club premises of:a) Any team of other players b) Entrants to any tournament organised by the Club c) Any Sporting Organisation consisting of officials, players or other bona fida members of such sporting organisations.
  29. Any such persons admitted under Rule 31 hereof shall be required to sign the Visitors’ Book which shall be available at all times for this purpose and shall be entitled to the supply of intoxicating liquor.
  30. The Committee shall from time to time make Sub-Rules governing fees the procedure for booking courts, equipment, play and the security of the building, such sub-rule to be passed by simple majority of those members then present at an ordinary meeting of the said Committee upon seven days’ notice being given of such proposed sub-rules or amendments thereto but anything in the said sub-rules appearing to amend or infringe upon these Rules the constitution of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited where in any way appertaining to the Liquor Licence shall be ultra vireas and void.
  31. Access to the Squash Court building will be by key only (The term ‘key’ shall be construed to signify and include other means of restricted entry such as, coded door locks electronic card readers, proximity readers etc.) To maintain security a) Individual members will be issued with a key. No member is permitted to loan their key to anybody and a member found in breach of this rule will be subject to the provisions of Rule 19 thereof.b) No members shall allow non-members into the building unless accompanied by a member.c) Members must ensure that the door is locked behind them when entering and leaving d) Any loss of any key or damage of equipment or defect in equipment or building must be reported without delay and in any event as soon as reasonably practical to either the Chairman or the Membership Secretary.e) Any member losing a key will be charged the cost of replacement. Any member losing a key whereby security of the building is jeopardised may be required to pay the cost occasioned by re instalment thereof.
  32. Car Parking – Cars may be parked in the Club Car Park, where ample space is provided.
  33. No member or visitor is permitted to take photo or video footage in the club changing rooms. Any evidence of this should be reported to Grafton’s Welfare Officer, Julie Wilson. 
  34. No alteration or addition to the rules may be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Any such alteration or addition must be passed by a majority of two-thirds of the members entitled to vote then present. A notice in writing of such proposals must be given to the Membership Secretary at least 21 days before the said meetings and must be notified to the members as part of the notice convening the meetings.
  35. There shall be no power to amend the constitution of the Club in relation to its position with the Grafton Tennis Club Limited either financial or otherwise. The Club shall, however, have the right to propose such alterations, which must be passed as set out in Rule 38. Such proposal shall then be notified in writing by the Membership Secretary to the Directors of the Grafton Tennis Club Ltd from time to time which Directors shall deliberate and decide upon the said proposal in accordance with their constitution and only if so ratified shall the proposed amendment become effective.
  36. Save as aforesaid the Club shall have the power to decide its internal affairs and if any question or dispute arises which is not provided for by these rules the matter shall be dealt with by the Committee and if necessary by the Directors of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited whose ruling shall hold good until the next Annual General Meeting of the Club.
  37. Alternatively, at the request of at least three officers of the Club (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Membership  Secretary, Social Secretary, Directors of the Grafton Tennis Club Limited) the Membership Secretary must initiate a postal ballot of all senior members by giving twenty one days’ notice in writing specifying the question or dispute to be resolved. The Committee shall be bound by a simple majority of the ballots returned. The decision shall remain in force until modified by a rule change or subsequent ballot in accordance with the constitution of the Club.
  38. Upon dissolution of the Club any income or property remaining after paying all debts shall not be distributed amongst the members but shall be devoted to the Grafton Tennis Club Limited or to a Society with similar aims, a charitable trust or for some other purpose approved by the Commissioners of the Customs and Excise.

Grafton equality policy

  1. Grafton is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level. Tennis and squash should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to play the game.
  2. Our commitment is to eliminate discrimination by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, ability or disability and to encourage equal opportunities.
  3. This policy is fully supported by the management committee which is responsible for the implementation and review of this policy.
  4. Grafton, in all its activities, will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, ability or disability. The club will ensure that it treats its employees, members, non-members and visiting clubs and teams fairly and with respect and will ensure that all members of the community have access to and have opportunities to take part in, and enjoy, its programmes of activities, competitions and events.
  5. Grafton will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of an individual (which the club regards as forms of discrimination). This includes sexual or racially based harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal. The club will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.
  6. Grafton commits itself to the immediate investigation of any complaints of discrimination on the above grounds, once they are brought to its attention. Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with its complaints policy and, where such a complaint is upheld, the club may impose such sanction as it considers appropriate and proportionate to discriminatory behaviour.
  7. Grafton is committed to taking positive action where inequalities exist and the development of a programme of on-going training and awareness in order to promote the eradication of discrimination and to promote equality and diversity in tennis.

Club complaints procedure template

In the event that any employee, member, visitor or visiting team feels that he, she or it has suffered discrimination or harassment in any way or that the club policies, rules or code of conduct have been broken they should follow the procedures below.

  1. The Complainant should report the matter in writing to the club secretary or another member of the committee. The report should include:a) details of what occurred;

b) details of when and where the occurrence took place;

c) any witness details and copies of any witness statements;

d) names of any others who have been treated in a similar way (provided that those people consent to their names being disclosed);

e) details of any former complaints made about the incident, including the date and to whom such complaint was made; and

f) an indication as to the desired outcome.

  1. If the person accused of discriminatory behaviour is an employee of the Club, the Club will regard the incident as a disciplinary issue and will follow any disciplinary procedure set out for employees or (if none exists) the statutory disciplinary procedure.
  2. If the person accused of discriminatory behaviour is a non-employee of the Club, the Club’s management committee or representatives of the committee:
  • a) will request that both parties to the complaint submit written evidence regarding the incident(s);
  • b) may decide (at its sole discretion) to uphold or dismiss the complaint without holding a hearing;
  • c) may (at its sole discretion) hold a hearing (whether or not such a hearing is requested by either party) at which both parties will be entitled to attend and present their case;
  • d) will have the power to impose any one or more of the following sanctions on any person found to be in breach of any Club policy, (including the Equality Policy):
  • warn as to future conduct;
  • suspend from membership;
  • remove from membership;
  • exclude a non-member from the Club, either temporarily or permanently; and
  • turn down a non-member’s current and/or future membership applications.

3.5        will provide both parties with written reasons for its decision to uphold or dismiss the complaint within one (1) calendar month of such decision being made.

3.6        Either party may appeal a decision of the committee to the County Association (including a decision not to hold a hearing) by writing to the [County Secretary] within 3 months of the Club’s decision being notified to that party.

4.          If the nature of the complaint is with regard to the club’s management committee or other body or group in the club, the member/visitor has the right to report the discrimination or harassment directly to the relevant County Association.

Disciplinary code


1.            Defined terms

1.1         “Disciplinary Code” means the disciplinary code of the LTA in force from time to time;

“LTA” means LTA CLG and its subsidiaries or such successor entity or entities as become(s) the governing body of the game of lawn tennis from time to time;

“[member]” means a member of Grafton Tennis and Squash Club

“Rules” means the rules of the LTA as in force from time to time;

2.            Conditions of membership
Each member agrees as a condition of membership:

2.1       to be bound by and subject to these rules (as in force from time to time) [1];

to be bound by and subject to the Rules and the Disciplinary Code [2].

2.2          Rule [2(1)] confers a benefit on [the LTA] and, subject to the remaining provisions of this rule, is intended to be enforceable by [the LTA] by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.  For the avoidance of doubt, the members do not intend that any term of these rules, apart from rule [2(1)], should be enforceable, by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, by any person who is not a party to this agreement.

2.3         The Management Committee may terminate the membership of any person, or impose any other sanction they determine to be appropriate, in connection with the breach of any condition of membership set out in this rule.

3.            The Management Committee

Grafton Tennis and Squash Club agrees that each member of the Management Committee will be required, as a condition of election or appointment, to agree to be bound by and subject to these rules, the Rules and the Disciplinary Code, such agreement to contain an express acknowledgement that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 applies and that [the LTA] and [the club/registered place to play] can enforce any breach at its option and in its sole discretion [3].

4.            Coaches and players

Grafton Tennis and squash Club agrees that all unlicensed and unregistered coaches and, so far as reasonably practicable, players and other persons using the facilities of the club will be required, as a condition of such use, to agree to be bound by and subject to these rules, the Rules and the Disciplinary Code, such agreement to contain an express acknowledgement that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 applies and that the LTA and the club can enforce any breach at its option and in its sole discretion [4].


[1] This means that each member of the clubagrees to be bound by the rules of the club.

[2] This means that each member of the clubagrees to be bound by the LTA’s Rules and Disciplinary Code.


[3] This means that the members of the club’s Management Committee need to agree to comply with the LTA’s Rules and Disciplinary Code.


[4] This means that each club/ is expected to get their unlicensed and unregistered coaches; and, as far as is reasonably practicable, players who use their facilities to sign up to the LTA’s Rules and Disciplinary Code.