Junior Squash Autumn 2021

Our Squash Head Coach Marco is already receiving sign-up interest for the upcoming AUTUMN TERM JUNIOR GROUP COURSES starting in September and running for 14 weeks through to December. The enrolment will initially (first two weeks of August) be exclusively for Grafton members (members’ children) before we open it to general public and schools in the neighbourhood.

Group coaching sessions are tailored to everyone to meet their goals, working on individual needs within the Group. Sessions will aim for the development of the gameplay for all players, from beginners to advanced, working on their needs and goals. The Group sessions are planned for all levels in order to get improvements, in a challenging but relaxed and fun environment, focussing on their progression week after week. Sessions will combine specific physical work, drills, routines and gameplay, in order to provide the players not just the basic development skills needed since younger ages but also mental strengthening and control, which will allow them to enjoy even more our amazing sport.

Our Junior programme (term fee payments) will be run Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, depending on the age/level. Places are limited so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

Example of one hour group sessions:

  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Fun games for the improvement of the ABC’s – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed
  • Squash basics and demonstration of the technic/shot/drill/routine
  • Group drills/routines
  • Feed drills and routines
  • Game play/Conditioned games
  • Summary and actions to improve

For detailed information please see the timetable below (you can download it here) and then use the following form to register your child for the programme: GRAFTON SQUASH AUTUMN TERM FORM. Payments are done per term.